Professionally, I've been working in the area of project management for the better part of 15 years.  I've been working with various clients in the area of project execution, resource management, project time tracking, project cost accounting, and time & expense reporting providing my expertise to numerous companies; from start-ups to global 500 companies in the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia.  After years of working with, consulting for, and writing about the "PMO of One", I now find myself in that very position.

Here I try to share my experiences as well as be a source of information, discussion, and resources for all project executors; those project managers that “get it done!”  Through a series of blogs, articles I’ve written, articles that people I respect have written, whitepapers I’ve found helpful, shared experiences, and various other links and resources, you should find a wealth of valuable information to help take your projects beyond planning, beyond management, and into execution.
A favorite quote of mine:

“Furthermore, in an age such as ours, when the trend of life, thought and desires is to become more and more materialistic and dull, the emphasis unfortunately is on physical conveniences and standardization. In such an age humanity is inclined to forget that to progress culturally, life and especially the arts, must be permeated with all kinds of intangible powers and qualities; that that which is tangible, visible and audible is but a small part of our optimum existence and has little claim upon prosperity. Afraid to leave the firm ground under our feet, we forever echo ‘Let’s be practical!’ Afraid to adventure, we soar artistically, we sink deeper and faster into the ground we hold to. And then, whether we notice it or not, and perhaps too late, we get tired of being ‘practical’; we suffer breakdowns, rush to psychoanalysts, search for mental panaceas and stimuli or periodically seek escape in cheap thrills, superficial sensations, swiftly changing fads and amusements, and even drugs. In short, we pay dearly for our refusal to recognize the necessity of sanely balancing the practical tangibles with the artistic intangibles. And art is a sphere which suffers most easily and acutely from such an imbalance. Nobody can exhale without inhaling. Nobody can be truly ‘practical’ merely by clinging to the ground and refusing to be strengthened and uplifted by the seemingly ‘impractical’ intangibles which are basic to the creative spirit, which are a kind of psychological ‘inhaling’.”   – Michael Chekhov
About Me
Personally, I'm a newbie triathlete and endurance sport athlete.  In 2012 I made a renewed commitment to my health, completed a juice fast, lost 50 pounds, raced my first sprint triathlon and completed my first marathon.  After tapping into my "inner-athelete" and rediscovering life, I've been an addict ever since. 

I continue to race as many triathlons and distance events as I can while living the "triathlon lifestyle".  Along the way I try to share my experiences, learnings, results, tips, tricks, and everything else I pick up along the way.  I try not to take it too seriously and just enjoy the ride.  After all, the person I'm competing with the most is that voice inside my head.

When I'm not working or racing, I'm cycling, running, fishing, golfing, writing, acting, traveling, adventuring, or just trying to enjoy life as much as possible.  I live, work, train, and play in the greatest city on earth - Austin, Texas