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Experiencing Marketing

Shifting Focus

by Bryan Peterson on 04/18/14

I'm going to be making a change of sorts.  Up until now, I've been focusing mainly on writing about project and program management.  Lately, I begun shifting more toward writing about digital marketing and all things related: email marketing, social media, blogging, customer engagement, content marketing, etc.  While I've been working as a project manager, over the last few years I've been managing projects within the digital marketing space.  As such, I've begun consulting, advising, and focusing my efforts on working with marketers on a variety of aspects of digital marketing.

I've decided that my blog will reflect this now as well.  Renamed 'Experiencing Marketing', I will be writing on various aspects of digital marketing, customer engagement, authenticity, personalization, social media, and few things in between.  As you may have noticed, my twitter feed has reflected this shift for a while now.

I don't claim to be a full on expert nor to have all of the answers.  I am passionate about it and eagerly working to increase my knowledge and understanding each day.  I'll be writing and sharing on topics I'm seeing in the space, trending areas of interest, experiences I have and insights I uncover.  I may also incorporate some quest posts on the blog.  My thoughts, opinions, musings, and whatever else are my own.  

I'll keep my project management content available here on the site as I've curated some helpful stuff and the blogs I've linked to continue to produce very valuable content.  Feel free to let me know if you have any comments, concerns or questions. I hope you'll find my knowledge and experiences interesting and useful.

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